Office of the President

Benjamin Patrick Malloy

President Ben Malloy
10 May 1954
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Ben Malloy.  Image created using Sims 2 and Photoshop

This is the journal of President Ben Malloy from atwestend, an original RPG based on The West Wing.
NOTE: This game is currently... well, more or less disbanded. Anyone with an interest in reviving it, please leave a comment on this journal.


Age: 51
Hair: Prematurely grey streaked liberally with white.
Eyes: Pale blue
Height: 5'11
Build: Medium build, on the thinner side.
Distinguishing marks: Scar through left eyebrow, highly noticable. Also, when he rolls his sleeves, you can see a scar that runs down and around his left forearm.

(May 10, 1954) Born in Medford, NJ to parents Patrick and Michelle.
(June, 1968) Father Patrick dies shortly after Ben’s 14th birthday.
(May, 1973) Graduate of the honors program at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey at the age of 19. Dual major of history and business.
(December, 1975) Completes masters degree at Rutgers
(January, 1976) Enlists in Navy delayed entry program
(August, 1976) Completes basic training; joins Navy Seabees, spending two years on Diego Garcia project -- peacetime construction
(November, 1978) Injured in accident on Diego Garcia
(January, 1979) Receives honorable discharge from United States Navy
(September, 1979) Begins teaching high school; begins working for doctorate in sociology from Princeton
(April 20, 1980) Marries Evelyn Harper
(June, 1981) Earns doctorate. Moves back to South Jersey, continues teaching.
(August, 1982) Mother Michelle dies after a long battle with cancer. Shortly after, Ben becomes more interested in entering politics, particularly fighting for benefits in healthcare, education, and the growing concern over hunger and homelessness in the surrounding areas.
(September, 1983) Gets his students interested in a community outreach program designed to build low cost housing for the homeless.
(November, 1986) Is elected mayor of Cherry Hill, NJ. Works with Camden mayor to improve conditions.
(November, 1992) Elected to Congress, NJ’s 3rd District Representative. Leaves teaching.
(November, 1998) Elected Governor of NJ, leaving Congress
(Now) Elected President of the United States

When the American people saw Ben Malloy during the election, they saw refinement in his quiet personality and handsome appearance; they saw wisdom in his silvered hair; they saw strength in his scars. To some degree, he is all of these things. He's a strong public speaker and a tireless worker. He has an easygoing nature and a desire to listen and help people. It was with an insanely capable staff and a solid campaign that he won the bid for the White House.

But Ben still struggles with his own balance between introversion and extroversion. When it comes to work, he can be open and articulate. When it comes to his own emotions, though, he has a hard time expressing them. He feels things very deeply but takes his time thinking over them. Thanks to the injury in his twenties, Ben has an often sore left shoulder -- which he'll take to rubbing if he's tired or distracted -- and a bad back.

The president has many interests, but two are near and dear to his heart: books and music. Because he reads a lot -- or used to, when he had time -- Ben likes to know a little about everything. Is interested in why things happen... particularly why people make the decisions they do. Works hard to understand people and when he can't, it frustrates him. As for music, well... the man listens to almost anything. He has a record collection stashed away somewhere in the Oval Office with a vintage victrola record player. And of course a fairly sizeable CD collection: the president is not entirely ignorant of technology.

Ben is happily married to Evelyn Malloy, ladyofthehour, the First Lady and true person in charge of the White House.